Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Davidson win one of best games I have ever seen

My ears are still ringing after watching Davidson's 93-91, double overtime thriller of a win over Western Carolina Monday night in Asheville as the Wildcats won their way into the NCAA tournament.

It was a remarkable game, and I mentioned in my column that I thought it was one of the five best college basketball games I've ever seen. See below for more on that.

Western Carolina looked dead in the water, but made an amazing comeback from 12 points down with two minutes left to tie the score at the end of regulation. Then the first overtime ended in another tie after Davidson star forward De'Mon Brooks saw his turnaround jumper go halfway in and jump back out with a few seconds to go.

Davidson only was assured at the end when Western Carolina's Keaton Cole barely missed a long three. I admire Western going for the win there -- the Catamounts had a stunning tournament, nearly winning four games in four days.

So that got me thinking about the best college basketball games I've ever seen in person, and I want you to think about it too. Limit this to games you saw IN PERSON, not on TV -- so you can't say Duke over Kentucky on Christian Laettner's shot in 1992, for instance, unless you were there. So while that may well be the best college game ever played, I can't put it on my list.

Here's my quick list. I may be forgetting something. But more importantly I want to know what YOUR favorite game you ever saw IN PERSON was. Please put it in the "comments" below or else email me at sfowler@charlotteobserver.com or both. I'm just curious.

My top 5 (in no particular order, I haven't thought about it that hard yet)

-- Davidson comes from 17 points down in the second half to upset Georgetown, 74-70, in the NCAA tournament in 2008 and give full rise to Stephen Curry mania. (He had 30).

-- Wake Forest and Chris Paul outduel North Carolina and Raymond Felton, 119-114, in a wonderful triple OT regular-season game in 2003.

-- Kansas gets a last-second three-pointer from Mario Chalmers to tie the national championship game against Memphis in regulation and then wins in overtime in 2008.

-- UNC outscores Duke 11-0 in the final minutes to edge the Blue Devils, 75-73, in 2005 in Chapel Hill.

-- Davidson edges Western Carolina Monday night in double OT, 93-91.

So what's your own personal favorite?


Anonymous said...

UNCC over VCU in Sun Belt Tournament in 1988. Byron Dinkins was lights out!

Anonymous said...

Those Charlotte/Cincy games of the early 2000s were epic and there were a few great ones against Louisville too. The best game I ever saw was Charlotte vs Davidson: Leemire Goldwire vs Steph Curry. Both guys were lights out, and Charlotte eventually won.

Charlotte vs Wake at the Cable Box in 2007 was a good one too.

Anonymous said...

Nc state over ucla in 1973. Apparently you have a short memory regarding basketball games of historic significance. No one outside these two scoops is going to remember this game a year from now.

Anonymous said...

He said games he had personally witnessed you boob.

Anonymous said...

This was one of the best games I have probably ever seen. WCU played their hearts out and coming back from 12 down in 2 minutes was impressive.

Anonymous said...

The 1984 Southern Conference Tournament Championship game that I had the good fortune to attend reminded me of last night's SC Championship game. Marshall also went to Double Overtime and finally prevailed against the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). The Asheville Civic Center was sold-out and the venue was rocking, just as it was last evening!

Anonymous said...

Ford Field 2008: Davidson Wildcats 73 Wisconsin 57. Curry's third 30 point game of the tournament.

Anonymous said...

UNCC 49ers vs Robert Parrish and Centenary back in 75 or 76. Parrish had a huge game but Cornbread and Lew Massey led the way to a niners victory.It was at the old coliseum, now Bojangles arena.

Anonymous said...

Since I was able to enjoy two outstanding games for the price of one ticket, I have to say last year's 3rd Round at TWC Arena:

UNC's 86-83 comeback against Washington, where the Huskies had a two attempts to tie at the end, followed by Duke's two-point win (although it was heart-breaking) over Michigan.

Dean Smith said...

How about the UNC BEATDOWN by 18 over Dook this past weekend! Holla!!

Anonymous said...

NC State beat UCLA in March of '74, not 73. Legendary game that ended the UCLA title run. You youngsters missed it.

keydet1983 said...

March 16, 1974, NC State vs. Pitt, Reynolds Coliseum. David Thompson's foot caught on Phil Spence's shoulder as he blocked a shot and he landed on his head. My brother and I were in the end zone no more than 20 feet from where Thompson lay unconscious. He was bleeding and taken to the hospital. To this day I have never heard a crowd cheer like they did when Thompson came back into Reynolds.

Tommy Burleson had 35 points and State won.

airbus_jas said...

Villanova over Georgetown in my hometown, Lexington, KY. 1985 National Championship Game 66-64.

orangwhit said...

I was at the KY-Duke game by stroke of luck. My best friend got the tickets from his brother and asked me to go since we were Duke fans and wasn't too far away from where we were in college (Washington DC). When Hill made the pass and Lattener took the time to dribble, I thought he was crazy as didn't think he would have time to make a decent shot. I am glad it all worked out for the Dookies.

Cutch said...

1. Last night's game of DC v. WCU.
2. Davidson beating Wake Forest in 1979 when John Gerdy scored 47, WITHOUT the use of the 3-point line.
3. UNC (Phil Ford's freshman year) beating NC State (seniors Tommy Burleson, Monte Towe and David Thompson) in the 1975 ACC final.
4. Davidson's last second shot to win the 1986 Southern Conference tourney courtesy of Gerry Born.
5. Any of the other games in the 1975 ACC Tourney (7 games decided by a TOTAL of less than 21 points, as I recall).
All games seen by me in person!

Anonymous said...

Davidson's third straight win during the 97-98 season over Buzz Peterson's App State team in the championship game to win their first Southern Conference title under Bob McKillop. The 2008 run would still be a dream if that first title had never been clenched.

Anonymous said...

Okay this may not have the name recognition of Duke-Kentucky or NC State-UCLA, but Jan. 18, 2011 St. Andrews (Laurinburg) defeated Pfieffer 136-126 in overtime. It was tied at 110 at the end of regulation. St. Andrews was 43 of 54 from the free throw line. 42 points scored in overtime. Not a defense gem, but one heck of a fun game to see in person.