Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Change nickname from Bobcats to Hornets? Sure

Change the Bobcats’ nickname to “Hornets”?

I’d be fine with that.

Contrary to my colleague Tom Sorensen, who wrote in Sunday’s newspaper that the team shouldn’t change nicknames but should simply win more, I have long advocated a name change for the Bobcats. Two years ago, I wrote in The Observer that since Michael Jordan had now become the Bobcats’ majority owner that he should wipe the slate clean and claim another nickname.

As I wrote in March 2010:

“The ‘Bobcats’ name has been irreversibly tainted by its association with [former owner Bob] Johnson, who more or less named the team for himself. Or at least that’s what most people think. In this case it’s the perception that matters.”

Back then the “Hornets” nickname – the one that the original Charlotte NBA franchise had before it moved to New Orleans – wasn’t available. It still isn’t, but could be soon. Once new owners buy the New Orleans franchise from the NBA (which runs it now in an obvious conflict of interest), it’s likely they will change the nickname to wipe their own slate clean.

And then the name that makes everyone nostalgic for the good ol’ days (although the good ol’ days weren’t always good, as Billy Joel once sang) could be on the open market.

There is a grassroots movement to change the nickname back to “Hornets,” although it is easy to advocate spending other people’s money (in this case it would cost an estimated $3 million to $5 million to “rebrand” the team, say the Bobcats -- who don't currently have this item high on their agenda).

But I thought it would be worth it in 2010, and I think so today. The Bobcats’ current team is horrid – it has the worst record in the NBA at 4-28. The team is trying to restructure itself in many ways – caring more about its own community, getting better players and on and on.

A name change would symbolize a lot. And the “Hornets” choice makes sense. I still hear people mistakenly refer to the Bobcats by that name, for it became so embedded in the Carolinas’ psyche.

And I still believe what I wrote in 2010 about the “Bobcats” issue:

“That name never has sounded very fierce. It has always sounded like the name of a middle-school team whose high school varsity is known as some type of bigger cat.

And now, with Johnson out of the picture, there’s just no reason to bob along in the water anymore.

Jordan should seize this chance to stamp his team with a new nickname. It would be powerful symbolism of Jordan literally taking ownership of the club -- well worth both the money and time invested."


Anonymous said...

Once again, Scott; if you haven't noticed THERE IS ALREADY A NBA TEAM WITH THE HORNETS NAME.

Anonymous said...

Doofus, if you would bother to read the article you will see that he wrote that the name may become available soon when new ownership takes over the New Orleans team. Geez people, at least read the articles you comment on.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon (9:02), did you read the article at all before you posted?

Just in case you didn't"
"Back then the “Hornets” nickname – the one that the original Charlotte NBA franchise had before it moved to New Orleans – wasn’t available. It still isn’t, but COULD BE SOON. Once new owners buy the New Orleans franchise from the NBA (which runs it now in an obvious conflict of interest), it’s likely they will change the nickname to wipe their own slate clean."

Obviously they wouldn't change the name to the Hornets today. It's a hypothetical. Sheesh.

John Morgan said...

When you're right, you're right!

Thanks for continuing to fight the good fight, Scott. If we're gonna do this (and I believe in my heart that we can) it's gonna take people like yourself trumpeting the will of the people.


Anonymous said...

Great - so you change the name to the Hornets. We are now the Charlotte Hornets. Awesome. Still stuck - still can't/don't win games. I'd rather spend that money on a player who knows how to win and isn't a 19 year old kid right out of college.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we go the other direction and keep the 'Bob' portion, but get rid of the 'cats'. I think we should be the Charlotte BobSegers.

Not stupid, unlike Scott and the others said...

Here are the slow kids crying once again. No, you can't go back to 1988. No you can't have the name of another NBA team. No you can't expect your girlfriend from grade school to still be true to you. Any other questions? They will wait till after your nap time.

Anonymous said...

IF the Hornets name is changed in New Orleans, then it would be complete insanity not to reclaim the moniker.

I think that is a big "if". But if it does happen we would be in a position to regain something that has caused festering wounds in Baltimore and elsewhere.

I am trying to like the Bobcats and go to games and participate in this thing. But if they don't retake the Hornets name if it becomes available to save a couple million bucks then they can forget about me.

Anonymous said...

Won't you please stand and greet YOUR Charlotte Hornets!!!!

Nothing about this current team is ours. The arena was jammed through, they picked a lousy owner over the Belkin / Bird group, and he in turn named it for himself. Never before have I seen a rich man so stupid than Bob Johnson other than maybe George Shinn.

A new name would be a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

is the name Bad News Bears taken?

does scott write about anything that doesn't involve team names and uniforms? hahaha, the guy should be doing fashion reports

Anonymous said...

"Lllllllladdddieessssssss and Gggggeeeenttttlemmmennnnnnnn, We are LIVE at the HIVE!!!!!!!"

Bring the Hornets name home to Charlotte!

Anonymous said...

Carolina "BlueSky"

Anonymous said...

I'd rather go with the Cougers. It would be better if there wasn't a "Hornets" name in the NBA either.

Jim said...

@ 9:20 a.m.

Nah. . .keep the other 1/2:


Anonymous said...

Hey, buy the Hornets name, bring it back home. They've been playing in "Carolina Cougars" jerseys lately, and a flashback's a flashback.

Anonymous said...

You need to go further. Not only do we need to take the Hornets name back but also the records from the time the Hornets played in Charlotte plus bring back Hugo and the logo. Let New Orleans keep their records from the time they set up shop there. I see more people wearing Charlotte Hornets gear in town than I do Bobcats. Heck, I was planning on buying myself a Hornets throwback shirt next time I went to Concord Mills. I want the Hornets back in Charlotte. Michael Jordan can do it if he wants and he should. I was a kid when the Hornets set up shop and now I am the guy with money to spend. I am not spending a dime on Bobcats but you sure could get me excited about Hornets. Just think Michael Jordan (yeah, I am talking directly do you) of all the shoes you could see in Hornets color ways in honor of the name change! It would be a marketing explosion!

Anonymous said...

Bobcats name is tainted by Bob Johnson. The Hornets name is tainted by George Shinn. So return to the Carolina Cougars

Anonymous said...

Instead of confusing the situation by taking back a lost name - turn the Bobcats moniker into throwback jerseys - and call the Cougars "new." I love those red/white/blue uniforms (and the Lady Cougars look spot on in nothing but short shorts and white t's)...

Anonymous said...

if they named them the Cougars we'd need to move the stadium to South Charlotte.


Evan Kent said...
twitter- @bringbackthebuz
e mail-



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The current New Orleans team will be heading to Seattle by 2015. This is what David Stern wants. They will get rid of the Hornets name. Either way, Hornets, Cougars, etc. They NEED the change for imagae purposes, draft Davis #1, and that is a start. Winning games won't huirt either...also get rid of Maggette and Henderson...dead weight, over paid, and injury prone.

Anonymous said...

If the Hornets name becomes available, I think it would make sense to change "back." No, you can't go back in time. Yes, the arena was built against the will of the majority of voters in the referendum. Yes, the team needs better players and more wins. But what you get from the name change is a one-time PR bonanza you simply can't get any other way. You reinforce the notion that this is Charlotte's team. (It isn't. It's Michael Jordan's team, but perception matters.) You wipe the slate clean from the Bob Johnson debacle. You get a better name that has resonance and context in this community. And, you probably recoup the $3-5 million in additional merchandise sales over time. People connect to brands on an emotional level. Many still connect with the Hornets. Far fewer have connected with the Bobcats. And while they may be downplaying it, I am sure Mr. Jordan understands the power of branding better than most. I think it would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Didn't we already have this discussion, like 3 days ago? Nice original content Scott.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Why don't we go the other direction and keep the 'Bob' portion, but get rid of the 'cats'. I think we should be the Charlotte BobSegers.
February 29, 2012 9:20 AM

AHAHAHAH. Yes! Against the wind, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see the old Hornets name back.
I think it's funny when ESPN announcers call our team Bob'sCats. Everyone is laughing at us...

Anonymous said...

If they are selling, we should be buying!!!! The Hornets belong in CHarlotte. I get that they are not winning right now, but if we can time a resurgence in the team and the bringing back of the name how awsome would that be!!!

Anonymous said...

Everybody's laughing at us, because our team is a complete joke! I am surprised they even have any support. Kemba is the first part of the rebuilding project. Davis will be the next piece. Rid rid of the rest!

jayandxty said...


Anonymous said...

Bring back the Buzzzz... Renaming to the Hornets would pay huge dividends.

I'm a huge Bobcats fan. However, I have never bought any merchendise b/c I think the colors and scheme are ugly. The closest I came is buying an orange sweater and I think I wore it once.

Anonymous said...

3-5 million to re-brand is money far better spent than the 14 mil owed to gana diop or the 7 mil owed to matt carroll.

I bet the NBA has made 3 million off of those Hornet throw back hats. The only people who wear bobcat gear are little kids who are too young to know better.

Anonymous said...

How long have the Lakers been in LA? they started in Minnesota...Land of Lakes. How long have the Jazz been in Utah? they started in the Big Easy.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Bobsyouruncles?

Charlotte Bobandliddydoles?

Charlotte Bobandweaves?

Charlotte Bobbinredrobins?

Charlotte Bobblestheball?

uglyyeti said...

Maybe New Orleans has been waiting for Utah to give them the Jazz name back. Do we need to work out a 3 way swap? Utah Bobcats isn't any more ridiculous than Utah Jazz.

Anonymous said...

People need to get over the thought that the Bobcats received their name because of Bob Johnson. Does anyone see a small them in Charlotte? Panthers, Bobcats, Lynx? This reason probably has something to do with the name...

As for rebranding, I think it would be a great idea. It may cost the franchise some money up front, but think of the new merchandise they will be able to sell. Even though we don't really have any desirable jerseys out there, people will still want to purchase any gear with the Charlotte Hornets. Why do you think Snapbacks got so popular? However this all dependent upon NO giving up the name. If the don't lets not dwell on it and move on!

Buckley said...


Anonymous said...

Buckley is a tool

Anonymous said...

I am in favor of using the 500,000 in taxpayer money that is used to fund the CIAA partay to reclaim the Hornets name.

Ship the CIAA elsewhere and use the money for something wortwhile for the city of Charlotte.

We get our name back, and get rid of the dangers of the CIAA.

Anonymous said...

If Jordan wants to be relevant and turn a profit at the same time, he will make Charlotte Hornets happen.

Wiley Coyote said...

If I wear the same clothes for a month and don't take a shower and on the 32nd day decide to put on a new set of clothes, I will still stink.

That's the problem with the NBA as a whole and the Bobcats.

Just spritzing on a little Linsanity doesn't take the stink away entirely and will be short lived.

Anonymous said...

How about the Charlotte Harlots?

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Anonymous said...

I too follow the Bobcats and consider myself a huge fan. I'm a former season ticket holder (infant at home and one on the way ended the season tickets). But, I hate, hate, hate the name Bobcats. I have never and will never by any merchandise because the name sucks and colors are awful. The estimated 3-5 million dollar cost to change the name would easily be returned via increased merchandise sales...... U never see Bobcats gear anywhere, it's not the product on the court, it's the god awful colors and nickname...... Give me back the Hornets, give me the Cougars, Flight, Dragons, Knights, anything but the F'N Bobcats...... Please change the name.

Perry said...

Not only should the Charlotte team get our name back, but the NBA needs to talk Utah into coming up with a new name and giving Jazz back to the new owners of the New
Orleans team.
Too expensive you say, the NBA lost $300 million last year, so 3 or 4 mill to "re-brand" three teams would be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Wiley C above....

the nba is a mess, it has the culture of the CIAA event going on around us, that is isolating fans to a certain set and ostracizing many past fans. they have really screwed up the NBA the last 15 yrs.

I couldn't care less what the name is, I'll watch high school ball over the NBA anytime.

Anonymous said...

Move on people! I am so sick and tired of hearing about the freaking Charlotte Hornets. If you don't want to support the Bobcats because of the name on the jersey than that's your own problem.

Anonymous said...

I agree the NBA is a HUGE mess! The lockout did not help. Since the Mid to late 90's, the product on the floor is not very good.

Anonymous said...

Can we get rid of the CIAA tournament? This is to the comment above (not the article). The ACC tourney is one thing, but the CIAA?? What a bunch of garbage.

Anonymous said...

Please stop talking about this.

Anonymous said...

Everybody who wants to change the name back to Hornets most likley rode the short bus to school as a child. Including Scott.

Anonymous said...

Can we get rid of the team?

Wiley Coyote said...

Anon 11:06... I hear ya...

The percentage of white players in the NBA is about 10%.

It's interesting that NASCAR refused to allow the General Lee to go around the track at Phoenix.

The Confederate flag is not something that should play an official role in our sport as we continue to reach out to new fans and make NASCAR more inclusive,” NASCAR spokesman David Higdon said in a statement.

While the flag is used by some idiots as a racist symbol and AA's are rightly offended by their actions, there are many more who see the flag as a symbol of heritage and history and not hate.

Trampling on the vast majority of a base that got you where you are today to think you're increasing your "diversity" for the future is suicide.

If that's the case, then let's take the thug/hip-hop mentality out of the NBA for "diversity" sake.

Anonymous said...

We BEELieve! Bring back the hive! And Hugo!!! Loved that mascot, it all gives me warm fuzzies. Charlotte needs this. The Bobcats have been nothing but a bad taste in all of our mouths.

Anonymous said...

And do away with those awful orange colors, bring back the teal.

Anonymous said...

I support re-naming Bobcats to Hornets. Very easy decision and makes tons of sense. That's probably why it will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Scotty said...



Please take this seriously. We're talking about a group of young people whose entire childhood was dominated by the Hornets. They are the exact demographic Jordan should be after to build a fan base. Now, in our twenties, we don't YET have the disposible income for season tickets -but we will. Each year my friends and I come home to Charlotte and attend a Bobcat game and each year we return home with a detailed critique of whats wrong with the Bobcats from the players to the front office to the uniforms to the atmosphere at the arena. This is not the nostalgia of a bunch of middle aged has-beens longing for their youth. We are young people on the cutting edge who are using the tools of our generation to make a point. The chance for this oportunity will be brief. Jordan has a the ability to make our dreams come true and make history by respecting the fanbase in a way no other owner ever has. These young adults are the very children that made him an icon.

We are what I like to call the Space Jam Generation. We are not the generation that asked them to leave, we are not the generation that voted on an arena referendum, we are not the generation that stopped watching after the first lockout, we are not the generation that thinks the NBA is a bunch of thugs....we are the generation that grew up on this team, loved them, wanted to be like them, we imagined ourselves shooting a three like Glen Rice, then they were taken away (we were too young to stop it), and we were given this crappy team called the Bobcats as an apology.

I was 14 when they left I am now 24, married, and a middle school teacher in Greensboro. I was born and rasied in Charlotte, went to Charlotte Catholic, graduated from East Carolina, my mom works for UNCC, I attended Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Chruch and my dad is head of the Knights of Columbus for the entire state of North Carolina. My little brother is at Appalachin State and got in on a Soccer Scholarship (injured his leg badly freshman year and no loner plays). If that is not a North Carolina resume than I dont know what is.

I am a die hard Panthers fan too and in all honesty they have never had what the Hornets had (even when they were in the Super Bowl)

This movement is almost 1,500 deep on Facebook, we are 10 away from 1,000 signatures on our petition, we got 60 followers on our Twitter account we started yesterday. We bought the name for our website.

THE BUZZ IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

twitter: @bringbackthebuz

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

It's $5 million to re-brand! They have wasted millions on players that have not worked out or were flops, so I would hope they see this as a long-term investment worth it's weight in merchandise sales alone! I read where old Charlotte Hornets merchandise is still one of the top sellers in the NBA. Make it happen! The name belongs here!!!!! LET'S GO CHARLOTTE HORNETS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. A whole 1000 signatures. That is what % of Charlotte exaclty? You have a few clowns that care. That is it.

Anonymous said...

Please remember that this time the name change is coming from a younger generation. They grew up here, are loyal to this city and were HUGE fans of the Hornets. They were too young to vote on the arena and to them Cougars means Charlotte Catholic not ABA. The press (including the Observer) frequently makes the slip -up of calling the Bobcats the "Charlotte Hornets" - Thats's NAME RECOGNITION and its worth every penny. You regain the children of the 90's and you will have their children and on into the future. Come on Mr. Jordan, have the courage to fight for our city's heritage. The name Horntes has long been partof Charloote and so much more than a mascot!

Anonymous said...

Here are a few more websites for the change back to the Hornets name nitwits.

For Gods sake people find something to occupy your time. This is pahtetic.

Anonymous said...

Hornets are dead....let it go. You guys are pathetic

Anonymous said...

If the team was going to change the name why in the world would they go back to the Hornets name? That would make not sense at all. Everyone in town is upset at how the Hornets left, that would just bring up bad emotions all over again, if anything it would make more sense just to change the name completely. Everyone is saying it would start a new era and let Jordan put his stamp on the team, then why would you go back and change the name back to the Hornets. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Also, along with the dumbest thing I have ever heard is why would someone not support a team because of the name of a team? REALLY!!! So basically if all of the sudden the name of the team was changed to the Hornets there would be thousands of people buying season tickets and coming to the games? SERIOUSLY People think about what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Even better yet, let's name the team what it should've been called FROM THE VERY BEGINNING: the COUGARS.

Anonymous said...

Great article Scott. It's not being stuck in the past to want to change the team's name, it's recognizing that the current name sucks and that the old name has actual meaning and value to this city.

Anonymous said...

I already see more people out and about wearing Charlotte Hornet apparel than I do Bobcat apparel.

I personally feel bringing the Hornet name back would be good. If not, at least change the name to something else other than Bobcats. I have never been a fan of the logo or colors.

Anonymous said...

People seem to believe winning is the ONLY thing. It's not. While the Charlotte Hornets were setting attendance record after attendance record the teams were not that great. But the team meant something to the city. They were involved, had a name that meant something to the area, and had a badass logo and colors! That helps.

rheck said...

I'd be all for it...!

Charlotte Dentist

Anonymous said...

PLEASE! PLEASE! Change the name back to the Hornets. We need local relevance to the city's history. Let us at least think that the team belongs to us.

Shane T. said...

The response here in undeniable... it's clear what the fans want.

I ask you to look at this from a pure business decision (from Jordan's point of view). You spend the $3-5 million now to rebrand the team as the Hornets. You EASILY make that back in increased ticket and merchandise sales. It only makes sense. Forget all the politics involved. When you're a team who doesn't have a fat wallet, you have to be fiscally responsible. There's no doubt this would be well worth the money. Consider it an investment.

Anonymous said...

It is true that there are more people in this city wearing Hornets apparel than Bobcats apparel. Myself included.

Would a name-change make our team better immediately? No. But would it bring a new atmosphere and excitement to our city and arena for games? Yes. And that buzz from fans will also affect the players when they see our city actually cares about them again.

Anonymous said...

I think the name should be The Charlotte Flights....being that we need to change the name and revamp the spirit...i mean think about it The state was named "first IN flight",....Michael Jordan himself is also associated with the term "Flight", almost makes perfect sense to me that the team should be renamed The Charlotte Flights, with a new high flying style of play to go with it....lets get it done!!

Anonymous said...

I have never and will never got to a Bobcats game! Reasons being it was wrong the way the arena was thrust upon Charlotteans and the owner was George Shinn in disguise!

Bringing back the "hornets" name & logo will definitly bring back this fan.

Anonymous said...

When the Ravens won the Superbowl do you really think anyone in Baltimore cared that they were no longer the Colts?

Anonymous said...

When the Hornets' name rightfully/historically returns to this town, I and MANY fans will return to games. BUT NOT UNTIL THEN.

Buckley Is Not a Tool said...


Jason said...

Jordan will get his money back and then some if he changes the name. Colors are better, name is better, overall Arena would look better. Not even something to even consider from a fans standpoint or a long term financial standpoint if you're Jordan. DoOoO it

Jason said...

Jordan will get his money back and then some if he changes the name. Colors are better, name is better, overall Arena would look better. Not even something to even consider from a fans standpoint or a long term financial standpoint if you're Jordan. DoOoO it

Jason said...
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Anonymous said...

Change it back now!

AllenBristow said...

Change the name to Hornets, get Dr. K back in the lineup, find the fat guy to do backflips, get Dancin Barry back, boot the PA guy and get James K Flynn back, and finally, the the buzzmeter back. Do this, the wins and fans will follow.

Anonymous said...

I still say they should change the name to the Charlotte Observers in recognition of the fact that they will always experience the playoffs as such.

Charlton said...

Right there with you Scott! Great article, lets make some noise and bring back the hornets!

Anonymous said...

Thay can easily recoup the 3 to 5 million in new retail sales of jerseys, throwbacks, and otherwise

Anonymous said...

Yes! Bring it back. That would make an awful lot of people really happy.

Buckshot Jenkins said...

I have always felt like this team should be the Flight because of the historical reference as well as Jordan's ties to Nike. You make the color scheme UNC and Duke Blue and some red trim thrown in for State...but that probably makes too much sense.

Anonymous said...

Make it happen

"Heeerrreecome your Hornets!!!"

Anonymous said...

Good gawd, when are you sniveling panty-wastes going to get over yourselves?

This whole "bring back the Hornets name" nonsense has so many holes in it. Let's look at a few of them:

1) Scott said, "The ‘Bobcats’ name has been irreversibly tainted by its association with [former owner Bob] Johnson, who more or less named the team for himself. Or at least that’s what most people think. In this case it’s the perception that matters.”

Uh, no. There are actual bobcats in this area. You don't ever see them in the city, but they are out there.

2) Scott said, "That name never has sounded very fierce. It has always sounded like the name of a middle-school team whose high school varsity is known as some type of bigger cat."

OK, then go out in the woods in the foothills where there are bobcats a-plenty, and pick a fight with one. Whatever is left of you will never make such a ridiculous statement again.

3) Second part to Scott's thinking the Bobcats name is sissified: The other finalists were Flight and Dragons. SERIOUSLY????? And you think Bobcats is wimpy? Why not call ourselves the daisies or beagles or poinsettias?

4) Not enough history: The Baltimore Colts and Cleveland Browns had been in their cities for decades. The Charlotte Hornets only existed 14 years. Even the Raiders had been in Oakland 22 seasons when they moved to LA, and no one screamed bloody murder that they should change their name because they were in a new city.

5) Which leads me to the one and only scenario where the Charlotte NBA team should be called the Hornets - if the NBA arranged for Jordan to take over the Hornets and some other billionaire buy the Bobcats and move it to New Orleans or Seattle or Vegas or Omaha or whereever, thereby moving the original franchise back here (as the Raiders returned to Oakland after 13 years in LA), then, and only then, would it be appropriate to call the Charlotte NBA team the Hornets.

Otherwise, SHUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What many don't know is that the Hornets name actually has meaning here in Charlotte, it's not just a made up name like "Bobcats". We'd love to have our name back!

The Hornets name dates back to the Revolutionary War when Gen. Cornwallis referred to the area as a "a veritable nest of hornets" due to the fierce resistance of the British occupation.

Anonymous said...

If people are serious about changing the name to the Hornets, then start a campaign to raise the $5 million. This should show if you guys are supporting the team or just being critical as usual.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's a long shot but it would be so great if we got the name back.

It might be worth considering retiring #2 if it ever happened.

Anonymous said...

Exactly my point @2:22PM.

Anonymous said...



LJ! The GATT Man! Johhneeeey Newwwmannn! Muggseeeey Booogues! Alonzoooo Mourning! DC FOR THREE! Kendallll Gill! Kelly Tripuuuuuuuukaaaahh!!!

I get chills just thinking about this. Best time in Charlotte. Ever.

D.R.Universal said...

Anonymous said...
I am in favor of using the 500,000 in taxpayer money that is used to fund the CIAA partay to reclaim the Hornets name.

Ship the CIAA elsewhere and use the money for something wortwhile for the city of Charlotte.

We get our name back, and get rid of the dangers of the CIAA.

So sad that in today's society you still have ppl that say these things..of course that person is too much of a COWARD to use their real name our city that is struggling should just TURN AWAY the 30 MILLION DOLLARS or so that the CIAA brings in? Yeah...that makes sense..smh

Just come out and say what you mean, you dont want Blacks in your city!! Period...I respect an outward racist MUCH more than a closet one..I'll pray for you, we need to coexist in a world where color doesn't matter, only how u treat ppl

D.R.Universal said...

Ok now to comments on the you mean to tell me that all these NBA haters will suddenly come to the Cable Box to watch the team bc of a name change?? REALLY?? Maybe a game or two but thats it. You'r not a fan if something that frivolous can get you to a game. LA doesnt mind being called the Lakers, Utah doesnt hate the Jazz and Memphis loves their Grizzlies...move on please!!!!

No wonder when I moved here ppl said "oh you're going to the wine & cheese country" but what they meant was the WHINE & cheese country..

Same roster, same # of wins but ur telling me that the arena would be full bc of the name and color change? Nope! If you WIN, no one cares....You can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day, its still a pig, not a model.

JUST WIN BABY!! GO CATS (no Hornets, its over for that)

Anonymous said...

The name and the winning are two seperate topics. Regardless of their name, they need to win more!

The Hornets name is historical to Charlotte, form the Conwallis quote. It's engrained ni our community all the way to the shields on our police uniforms.

Bobcats to me, represnt an arrogant individual and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I would fully support renaming the team to reflect the community, and to represnt the real identity of the area.

How can we make this happen???

Anonymous said...

I could care less what the team is actually called. If they WON, nobody would care that they are the Bobcats. Or the Pussycats. The only reason this is even a discussion is because this team is 4-28 or whatever it is now. You build a winner here, you'll make people forget a Hornet ever resided here. I love the city of the Charlotte, but this whole "concerned with a name" thing is the stupidest thing I've seen since I've lived here. Get over yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remembering the glory 80's-90's Hornets teams, and seeing the Big Zo/Hugo on the First Union building knows that the name Hornets is much more than a name. I support this team through thick and thin, but really what a boost locally and nationally to this franchise to get back that name. Is it a coincidence that the man to took the franchise to greener pastures lost the franchise in the first place? Shinn screwed two franchises at once with his outright greed and apathy. Charlotte and the NBA should make this happen ASAP. Money should not be a factor here, we pay Diop and several benchwarmers more each year with much less return. BRING BACK THE HIVE!!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean Jordan won't be the worse owner in the league and they will suck less?

Buckley Is Not A Racist said...

The CIAA has nothing to do with "blacks in the city," whoever said that. It has everything to do with youths that are up to no good loitering the streets, not participating in any of the events. "Blacks in the city?" REALLY? There's black people everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Just bring back the buzz. Do it. I've supported the Bobcats since their founding in '04-05. I even had season tix for the first couple years when I could afford them. I'm a lifelong fan of Charlotte sports and it would be a dream come true for so many of us to have such a neat part of our heritage returned home to us. I'm certain that this particular move for our franchise would have a lasting positive impact.

Anonymous said...

Tim Kempton could eat a Whopper in one bite.

Anonymous said...

Utah sells Jazz CR to new New Orleans owners.

Charlotte gets historically appropriate and well liked Hornets name.

NHL Hurricanes move to Atlanta's Philips Arena.

Calgary returns Flames name.

New Orleans Jazz
Charlotte Hornets
Utah Peaks
Atlanta Flames
Calgary Broncos

All is right with the world.

Anonymous said...

D R Universal,

I agree with the guy above, big difference between blacks in the city and the CIAA crowd. You are turning this into a race thing yourself.

CIAA is a special set of people all their own.....

Looking forward to 100 more articles on this subjet Scott, haha.

Anonymous said...

I can't really say that I think about Bob Johnson. Initially, maybe yes before he sold the team but now it seems like years ago since he owned the team. More of an out of sight out of mind thing especially since he was never really vested in the area.

Anonymous said...

DO IT!!! George Washington referred to this area as a hornet's nest in the Revolutionary War. Hell, our police officer's badges are hives!!! This should be done as soon as N.O. gives up the name.

Anonymous said...

Brands are a funny thing. People get attached to them. The Bobcats brand has a problem much worse than the community not liking them. This community does not care that they exist. The Hornets were ours. It may not make sense to some, but many will not support the Bobcats, but would jump at the chance to get their team bak. Ask Pepsi when they screwed with Tropicana's logo and sales plummeted. Juice was the same, but people were attached to that logo/brand. It was promptly switched back. If the name becomes available, the price would be cheap. If not, I don't see this community supporting the Bobcats win or loose.

VDI King said...

I still think the Charlotte Spiders would be freaking awesome. Web out the jerseys and the dome could be called "The Web". Even have a black widow red hourglass between their numbers on the jerseys.

Change the colors to silver, black, and red.

Anonymous said...

People who are transplants that have lived here less than 10 years have no idea the value the Hornets name and branding has to this city.

The overwhelmingly supportive comments listed here tell the story.

Bring back the Hornets name and brand to the city where they belong.

As others have rightfully noted, basketball branding and on the court performance are two seperate issues. Of course we want the team to win but this is a discussion about the brand.

And the brand with the most meaning, deepest roots that most long term Charlotteans can identify with is the Hornets.


Steve said...

The Bring Back The Buzz campaign just launched a new blog.

If you would like to share your Hornets' stories and express why you would like the name back in Charlotte, please message me at

Anonymous said...

i grew up near south boulevard and tyvola.

I loved the Hornets.
I was a fan.
I actually watch and listened to the NBA on RADIO... every game i could.
I went to a few games.
when the Hornets left....
I was sad.
It killed the NBA fan in me.
as hard as i try i am simply indifferent to the Bobcats.
I like the fact we have a team... but i miss the Hornets


I no longer watch basketball on TV unless it is college, let alone listen to it on the radio.
I am still mad at Basketball.
The hornets name belongs in charlotte.



I will not watch the NBA




you guys wanna do something smart and save the franchise? and interest in the NBA. Micheal,do you really wanna make some $$


Anonymous said...

If the PA guy the Hornets had in the Hive that yelled "Here Come Your Hornets" and "LLLLLJJJJJJ" is still alive, they need to hire him back and replace that piece of ghetto trash they have as PA guy now.

Anonymous said...

Teams waste way more than $3-5 million on underachieving players all the time (ie, Tyrus Thomas, Adam Morrison, and so on). This financial investment would actually produce a more tangible, less risky outcome. Companies re-brand themselves all the time. It's obvious that the Bobcats brand is very weak and is not resonating with Charlotte sports fans. MJ needs to make a bold move soon to revitalize the fanbase. Personally, I think this is a pretty safe investment compared to most investments pro sports franchise make.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Charlotte since 1972. Back then, of course, we had the Carolina Cougers. I grew up watching Billy Cunningham play and Larry Brown coach our original professional basketball team. I love that the Bobcats are part of the NBA recognizing the 45th anniversary of the ABA. The uniforms are awesome, the colors and logo are terrific, and no NBA team is using that name. It seems like a no brainer to change the name officially to the Cougers!

Anonymous said...

Weather you want the change or not, this has accomplished one thing:


Bring back the BUZZZZZZ!

Anonymous said...

This name change will be a part of the re branding. the three million dollars is pocket change. then with a high draft pick we can change the image of this franchise into one that the city of charlotte and the nba can love. name change=necessary

Anonymous said...

GS should have never been run off with his Hornets 10 years ago. Now he is almost dead of cancer, BJ is broke in a homeless shelter and MJ selling off his assets. Its over. Forget changing the name and it will never happen and wont help anyway.

Change the other NFL losers name and give the real panther animal cat its dignity back.

Carolina PayForPlays
Carolina Laptopers
Carolina Cons
Carolina Scams
Carolina Cheats
Carolina Crooks
Carolina Rogues
Carolina Fuckups
Carolina Thieves
Carolina Killers
Carolina Strippers
Carolina Coldcockers
Carolina Sucks
Carolina Jailbirds
Carolina Idiots
Carolina Dumbasses
Carolina Screwballs
Carolina Knuckleheads
Carolina Assaulters
Carolina Drunks
Carolina Joeblows
Carolina Crackheads

the list goes on ...

The NFL Carolina team has lost the right to continue degrading the good panther animal cat name.

Anonymous said...

Change to the Hornets YES --

But DO NOT use the old 80's looking Teal and Purple

If you use those old colors they might as well be called the Charlotte Queens

or the Charlotte Queers

Anonymous said...

I have always known that the B** affair was a jolting wakeup after being dumped on by Shi**.

Charlotte has never been the same and our newcomers have never known the difference.

But then our own, The Big J, becomes the new owner and we start thinking that community pride is possible again.