Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cam, Katy Perry and Super Bowl week

Two unsurprising things happened Saturday night at Indianapolis:

1) Cam Newton won the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award (getting 47 out of a possible 50 votes).

2) Katy Perry flirted with Newton -- mildly -- in front of photographers.

Does either one stun anyone? It shouldn't. Newton easily deserves every rookie of the year award out there -- as I wrote earlier this month after doing a lot of research, his rookie year was the best any rookie has ever had at the NFL level.

And Perry? She's a masterful entertainer in that she always seems to be in the spotlight, which is what the Madonnas and Lady Gagas and Perrys of the world do. They either have a hot song, or they're hosting "Saturday Night Live" (Perry did that a few weeks back) or they're doing some world premiere of their latest video or they are mildly flirting with whoever else is hot at the moment.

And Cam is hot. It's a different sort of thing for the Panthers, who have never had a player as nationally recognized (although someone like Steve Smith or Julius Peppers has obviously done a lot more in his NFL career than Cam has of yet).

The key for Cam after all this attention?

Keep his eye on the prize. This postseason he has been in the headlines a lot. And it's fine to play (not very well) in the Pro Bowl and take a picture with Katy Perry and win a few individual awards, but there's a bigger goal out there. Newton wants to play in this game one year; not just be in the same city, looking photogenic.

He has kept his focus very well so far. Let's hope that doesn't change.


Michael Procton said...

"Kept his focus?" You mean the guy who was on ESPN this weak demeaning the accomplishments of his teammates, talking about his "destiny," and who has stated his priority in the NFL is to be an "icon slash entertainer?"

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say his priority was to be an icon slash entertainer. His exact quote was "I see myself not only as a football player, but an entertainer and icon". Hard to believe folks still have a problem with that statement after he's proven himself as a legit QB in the NFL.

Mexoplex said...

Let it go MP. too late so sad. your favorite white QBs didnt make it to the Pro bowl and didnt get voted for ROY. you need to find something else to whine about.

Anonymous said...

why all the talk with fascination with Perry??

scott must have a thing for her.

Anonymous said...

you mean you ain't man I wood... er I mean you ain't one of them other guys she is talking about are you!?!

Anonymous said...

she probably got Cam running on three legs now

iulian said...

you have to see this

Anonymous said...

Michael Procton is a giant douche who rarely makes any sense. He's a hater, plain and simple, always has been, always will be. Hate on you giant douche.

Anonymous said...

Katy Perry has a seriously hot set of thighs, but her choice in men makes her a vile pile of scum if ever there was one.