Monday, December 26, 2011

7 quick opinions about Bobcats' opening-night win

Seven quick thoughts about the Bobcats' 96-95 home win over Milwaukee to open the season:

1) Kemba Walker can get his shot off against anybody, but what's even more impressive is his toughness and his quick hands. He scored 13 points and grabbed seven rebounds in only 20 minutes -- his play and his burgeoning friendship with Panther QB Cam Newton (who was seated courtside) are the subject of my column for Tuesday's newspaper.

2) Stephen Jackson was obviously pressing while playing for the Bucks against his former team. He has rarely played a worse game -- six fouls, a technical and only six points in 17 minutes. And three of those points came on a didn't-mean-to-bank-it three. I know you'll be stunned that Jackson criticized the officials after the game, although he also said there's "no bad blood" between he and the Bobcats.

3) D.J. Augustin was very impressive in the game's final minute, scoring five "had-to-have-em" points after the Bobcats had lost all of the eight-point lead they held with 3:02 to go. Augustin and Walker combined for Charlotte's final seven points.

4) Who knew Byron Mullens, the seven-foot backup Bobcats center, could shoot that well? Wait, who knew Byron Mullens was even on the team? He tied his career high with 10 points.

5) How did the shorter Bobcats out-rebound Milwaukee by 13? By outhustling them. Boris Diaw did some really good work (11 rebounds, nine assists, nine points).

6) Corey Maggette had only 12 points (and six turnovers) and yet the Bobcats nearly got to 100. That won't happen that often -- Maggette needs to score more than that and get to the line more often (only one free throw attempt Monday, which he missed). Still, he's obviously a positive leader on the floor anytime he's out there.

7) Does it amaze you that some tickets are still available for the Miami Heat's only appearance this season in Charlotte on Wednesday night? It does me.


Anonymous said...

Awesome game. What a confidence booster for this young team. We will win some games against the middle of the road teams.
Great crowd tonight. Not full but close to it. The fans that were there were loud and excited.
With a few more draft picks and a free agent center this team could be very good. Great young group of players. Just wait til we get Reggie Williams and Tyrus Thomas back.

Anonymous said...

The last opinion shocked me. My brother, who originally planned to get us tickets for UNC game called and said, "Want to see the Heat?" Quick yes, and was pretty pumped when I got a text later saying, "Got the tickets."

Anonymous said...

Kemba and Cam are going to be the stars of our city. Both players are wearing #1. I would say Charlotte has a "Pair of Aces" with these guys.

Anonymous said...

I would say Jordan needs to look at the hat Cam wore courtside



GoBobcats said...

ANON 9:04

You are aware that the NBA already has a team named the Hornets, right?

Let it go! It is like taking care of children around here. My God, the team moved. The name went with the owner. It is called pro sports.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Cam hat, I guess you didn't see that he switched to a Bobcats hat later in the game. It's all about style.

Regarding the Heat tickets, I am surprised too. My only guess is that a lot of people are out of town for the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott, has any NFL team ever had three 700 yard rushers? The 2006 Falcons didn't. The 1978 Patriots didn't. Will the 2011 Panthers?

Anonymous said...

Diop did a nice job on Boget also. He really ate some space. He'll never be a scorer, but he could prove useful getting in the way of the big 5's in the league