Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vick and Steve Smith -- quite a combo

Today's Charlotte Observer brings us a good bit of NFL news, given the fact that it's June (traditionally the slowest month in the NFL) and we're in the middle of a lockout with no end in sight.

Joseph Person talked to Steve Smith last night at the Charlotte Knights' batting practice, where Smith and several other Panthers took some cuts.

And David Scott brought us news of Michael Vick's new book, where he sets the record straight in an autobiography co-written with former Charlotte Observer reporters Charles Chandler and Brett Honeycutt.

Smith sounded like he was on his best behavior, praising both new Panther coach Ron Rivera and new No.1 draft pick Cam Newton (although he was noncommital about whether he wanted to be here in 2011).

I'm still not sure the Panthers will ultimately move Smith, even though indications certainly point that way. They will have to find a willing trade partner, which is sometimes easier said than done.

As for the Vick book -- which can be preordered here -- I am greatly looking forward to reading it. I know Vick's story is compelling, and I know Chandler and Honeycutt are exemplary reporters with a desire for the truth. Charles Chandler and I co-wrote what was the first book for both of us way back in 1997 -- it was called "Year of the Cat" and chronicled the Panthers' startling second year, when they got to the NFC championship game. So I know firsthand what an excellent and disciplined reporter and writer Charles is. Can't wait to read it.


Anonymous said...

i wish i could have the last 3 minutes of my life back. what a worthless story.

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty worthless and lacking anything news. I guess Scott did meet his quota for adding "something" to the CO per his contract. How much effort would it have been to add something, or to at least rehash the same old story lines?

Panthers? LOL said...

Come on, he has to hawk his books somewhere!!

Anonymous said...

"Smith sounded like he was on his best behavior, praising both new Panther coach Ron Rivera and new No.1 draft pick Cam Newton"

Double duds -- Double trouble.

What did Vick do at Va Tech besides ZERO ?

What did Vick do in Atlanta besides ZERO ?

Nuttin from Nuttin = Nuttin

Anonymous said...

Isnt it customary for ex-con felon jailbird NFLers too wait until they are at least retired to try any PR stunt cons??
Will Chandler be writing OJs next book? Eldrick Tont Woods?

Suggestion: Try visiting one of the Panther strip club raunch hangouts downtown & piss off a player so he will smack you so you can file a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

I thought Scott was leaving to be a missionary. Why is he still writing?

Anonymous said...

I might buy the Vick book as well. I am not in the camp with the 99% of the people who view this website, that think Vick should have been executed for the dog killings, and who think Cam Newton should be executed for stealing a laptop and cheating on a couple of papers when he was 18.

In Vick's case, he committed crimes, was caught & prosecuted, and he has served his time. I do not understand why people won't move on. In Newton's case, you could fill a football stadium with the number of college students who do what he did at Florida, and there is no evidence he committed crimes at Blinn College or Auburn, not that most people care (apparently the president of the NCAA saying on 3 separate occasions that Cam has done nothing wrong doesn't count).

I hope Vick can maintain the upward swing he is on and that Cam can take the Panthers on an upward swing as well.