Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On 3rd HOF class and new Bobcats GM

I wrote in today's newspaper about two subjects -- more in-depth on new Bobcats general manager Rich Cho and also some notes about the third class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, which was announced Wednesday.

The Cho column you can read here. Most of the NASCAR notes are below.

-- This is how long Glen Wood has been involved in racing. He noted Tuesday that the first car he raced was a 1938 Ford. That's incredible. He also said he thought the fact that Trevor Bayne won the 2011 Daytona 500 while driving for the Wood Brothers was a big help to his candidacy, and on that point he's absolutely right. Bayne's stunning win helped push the Wood Brothers to relevancy again.

-- How did I not know this before? Cale Yarborough's full name is William Caleb Yarborough? He made a good move going to Cale.

-- Do you think Darrell Waltrip is going to ham it up a little between now and the induction in January for this class of 2012? He came up and kissed NASCAR CEO Brian France on the cheek after getting announced as a winner, making everyone laugh.

-- Interesting that only two of the fans' five selections made the hall. The fans' vote went to Richard Childress, Benny Parsons, Fireball Roberts, Waltrip and Yarborough. The five selected were Wood, Yarborough, Waltrip, Richie Evans (the king of Modified racing) and longtime Richard Petty crew chief Dale Inman.


Anonymous said...

Ham it up? Darrell Waltrip? Whatever gave you that idea?

(sarcasm off)

I'm fine with this class with the exception of Evans. Since NASCAR made the silly decision to only honor 5 people a year, Evans, while more than qualified, should have had to wait a few more years. (I would have put Tim Flock or Joe Weatherly in over Evans this time.)

Now, if NASCAR had any sense, they would have had 10-member classes the first 5 years and then gone to 5 a year. That would have given them enough room to put in the slam-dunks, the pioneers and the guys they are afraid are going to die before they get inducted.

But like I said, that would make sense, which is in short supply in NASCAR these days.

Anonymous said...

Why do da racis ol hwhite boys in dat der nascar not picks a black dude to bes in da haul of fam?

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wait a minute, there is/was a new Bobcats general manager, but anyway I think that Rich Cho is a good person and I hope he can do great things for Bobcats team and fans