Monday, June 7, 2010

Larry Brown talks -- sort of

I found Rick Bonnell's story quite interesting today in regard to the continuing saga of Larry Brown.

Brown said "I'm here, coaching, so obviously I’m under contract, doing my job."

As to whether the situation is settled, Brown offered this: "I'm here. If I wasn't here, it would be another thing."

Another thing... hmmm. And what would that other thing be?

Sounds to me like Brown is being careful to leave himself an "out" here, just in case he doesn't come back to coach the Bobcats for a third straight season.

I'll say this: Brown talked today after a pre-draft workout of some prospects, and let's give him credit for that. I ripped him Friday in this blog (read the previous post if you want to see it) for not addressing the media following a workout, so he's improving.

But, again, this is Larry being Larry. No one who has even glanced at the guy's resume is going to say with any certainty that he's here at Halloween, when the 2010-11 Bobcats open play.

And on another topic, the comments Bonnell got from GM Rod Higgins regarding Raymond Felton -- that sounded VERY iffy as to whether Felton is going to come back or not. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

Larry talked without saying anything. I think even Larry does not know yet whether he will be back.

Go-Cats! said...

It is becoming clear that we do not have enough cap room to sign Ray. He is the only quality point in free agency this year. He will be getting big offers and we can't match them. We need to get rid of a LOT of dead wood, and find a way to keep this future All-Star!

Anonymous said...

you all are crazy, there is no way that raymond is an All-Star. he had his chance to show, and nelsonmade him look like a foooooollll

Anonymous said...

I really wouldnt call that article a "rip". I would say its a standard Charlotte O blog that doesnt want to ruffle any feathers.

Anonymous said...

Leave Larry alone. It's his life and his decision to make. I hope he comes back but if he doesn't i'm confident that his succesor will be better than Sam Vincent. BTW Lets not foget that Sam did win 33 games as a rookie coach on an expansion team.

Anonymous said...

Another non-story on Larry Brown.