Friday, June 4, 2010

C'mon, Larry Brown -- talk!

C’mon now, Larry.

You not talking to the media – at an official team function where you are serving as a head coach – is almost as inconceivable as a perfect game that requires 28 outs.

Yet both those things have now happened this week. Brown, the Bobcats’ head coach, blew off the media Friday following a workout of six draft prospects at the team’s practice facility. And that’s really not acceptable.

Coaches can say “no comment” all they like, but they at least have to listen to the questions. That’s part of the job. Even if Brown still hasn’t made up his mind on whether to return and coach the Bobcats next season, he needs to say that and not just leave all Bobcat fans guessing.

I’ll give Panthers coach John Fox credit on this one – he may stand there and not say anything much, but at least he says something.

Brown, meanwhile, has gone into “Bizarro Larry” mode. Moody. Unpredictable. One hand seemingly on the nearest door.

I have a couple of competing theories on why Brown dodged the media Friday:

1) Brown really hasn’t made up his mind for sure on whether to return. Certainly possible, although it would make his comment April 30 (at his last previous team function before Friday) that “I don’t want this to drag on” seem laughable. It’s been five weeks now since Brown said that.

2) Brown already knows he’s going to return but he wants something. Not talking Friday was a message to team owner Michael Jordan: “Give me x (some perk, or some roster maneuver, or something) and I’ll say publicly that I’m back and we’ll be done with all this.”

For now, though, who knows? I still believe Brown will ultimately return to the Bobcats, and that would certainly be the best thing for the team because he’s a hall of fame coach. But his behavior Friday was certainly unusual and exasperating.

The media, after all, is simply a stand-in for the fans. Brown always talks about respecting the game, and that also means you respect your fans as well. You make them feel a part of the team they support with their hard-earned money. You let them in on what the head coach is thinking (through the media).

Let’s just hope Brown’s drive-by refusal to talk to the media Friday doesn’t become a trend.

For the Bobcats to look dysfunctional for a single day? During the Bob Johnson era, that used to happen all the time.

If this mess drags on much longer, though, the Bobcats are just going to look silly.


Rob said...

Thing is...He doesn't HAVE to talk to anyone. It would make your job easier, and this blog posting more interesting. Instead, it just seems you are whining that he didn't give you something newsworthy. Coach Brown works for the Bobcats, not the Observer. He'll make his decision when he is ready, and seeing as we don't have a stellar draft coming up, I think he can afford to wait a bit longer.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't 'how it works' but it he is under contract and he is working in the normal context in that he's showing up for team draft workouts (even though the Bobcats have no pick) and, at least to our knowledge. Why do we need him to say he's coming back. The way I look at it he IS the Bobcats coach until he resigns or is fired. He isn't getting fired, and he hasn't resigned.

PhatCat said...

Actually, I'm okay for now with Coach Brown not talking to the fans or the media. I just hope he's talking to MJ. Scott makes a valid point. He may be seeking some additional leverage. This deal could certainly drag on until July 1. That's the critical date.

Watch out for Draft Day. If the Cats make a move to get back in it, see if the player they get is a LB kind of guy. Doesn't matter whether an announcement has been made or not. If the pick - assuming there is one - is a LB type, he's coming back whether it's been announced or not.

Spectre said...

All you guys...outta the park!

I'm loving all this whining by the media! Talk to us dammit!

Anonymous said...

Why are you and Rick whining about LB not talking to you. Does anyone ask you are coming back to work everyday when you are still under contract or have not given any indication of resigning. Why are you worried about it. since we don't have a draft pick , you don't have anything to write about. How about tell us who worked out and how they look. Go do some work. At least Larry is still showing up to work.

Anonymous said...

Truth is, if the media hadn't created the issue of whether or not Coach Brown is coming back, there wouldn't be an issue. Until he says "I'm leaving" he IS the coach. I actually find his decision to not talk to the media rather gratifying and amusing. He is really saying "Since you created the issue, you determine your answer." See, the team already has the answer, and there is really nothing to announce. Think about it--how many times between seasons did UNC have to announce "Dean Smith is returning". I don't remember that ever having to happen. Why should we consider this to be any different.

Anonymous said...

I think the real problem is that sports writers for the Observer don't have much to write about these days, especially with the 'cats. They are looking for something!! This is it. As far as Larry Brown holding out from making a decision... so what! Lebron was on Larry King the other night, talking about how he was going to do what's best for his family, that he still "likes" Cleveland, blah blah blah... The circus hasn't even started! Wait until the draft is over and free agency begins... Until then, give Larry the space he needs to think about what's best for his family --- like Lebron.

Anonymous said...

Sit down Scott, take a time out....he's coming back.

Paul said...

C'mon Scott...write something good!

See there, that's life. Neither of us gets what we want, but I promise to stop writing about it if you will.

Anonymous said...

If the Observer would quit hounding the guy and second guessing everything he says, he might be a little more forthcoming - in his own time. It's incredible how much ink this story has gotten and how much is read into and interpreted from Brown's every utterance. Find something else to report on!