Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joe Gibbs' excellent new book

The cover of Joe Gibbs' new book "Game Plan for Life," which was co-written with Jerry B. Jenkins of the "Left Behind" series.

I did a little reading on my summer vacation, checking out Joe Gibbs' "Game Plan for Life."

Gibbs, of course, is one of the most famous residents of Cornelius. He has won multiple championships at the highest levels of both the NFL and NASCAR.

All that doesn't mean he's going to write a good book, of course, but in this case, he certainly has. "Game Plan for Life" is very thought-provoking and I can enthusiastically recommend it. Gibbs will sign copies of the book this Thursday, July 23, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Joe Gibbs Racing shop in Huntersville (704-944-5000 or for directions or more information).

“Game Plan for Life” delves into Gibbs’ deep Christian faith and he shares his own personal story in the conversational, self-deprecating way that makes him such a popular speaker. But what sets this one apart from other such books is that "Game Plan for Life" covers topics like finance, health and marriage with the help of 11 world-renowned experts whom Gibbs recruited to write a chapter apiece. The book is pointed primarily toward men, which makes sense since Gibbs has spent most of his adult life coaching men in one form or another.

Gibbs told me in an interview this week that this work was his "legacy" book -- a message he hopes to spread for the rest of his life.

Gibbs has some other signings coming up in the area as well, including one July 31st at a LifeWay store in Charlotte from noon to 2 p.m. More info:


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,

I got something I want you to answer, can you tell me why when Donte Stallworth and Michael Vick got in trouble it was breaking news but Ben R. rapes a girl and it's barely a topic?

Anonymous said...

...maybe because Ben R hasn't been convicted!!!

"Innocent until proven guilty"...ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

When a girl waits a year to make the accusation that creates a big cloud. It almost has to be he said, she said.

John said...

Anonymous 12:26,

The Rothlesberger thing is nothing but a he-said, she-said and any physical evidence or witness testimony is next to useless after a year's wait.

As with Kobe, this one looks more like (at worst) consentual sex that led to a blackmail attempt. She isn't asking for "justice" but for money... and that discredit's her story.

Were you among those who kept claiming Vick was an innocent victim, even after he pled guilty? Racism will never disappear until we stop looking for it in everything that happens.

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