Tuesday, June 23, 2009

May-be not? Definitely not

The Charlotte Bobcats said today they don't plan to make a $3.6 million qualifying offer to Sean May.

That's the right move -- in fact, the Bobcats and May should stop the pretense and simply go their separate ways. Like Jon and Kate -- minus the 8 kids -- this is a marriage that just isn't working.

Don't get me wrong. I like May. He's everything a writer could like -- funny, honest, blunt, introspective, willing to admit his own mistakes. But he and the Bobcats just aren't going to work out as long as Larry Brown is in charge.

That was obvious last year, when May finally WASN'T hurt and still was no factor. Brown never trusted May to be in good enough shape to help the team, despite the fact it lacked a backup power forward and despite the fact that the two share the same Carolina blue roots.

Is May done forever in this league? I don't think so. The same player who torched Illinois in the 2005 NCAA title final for the Tar Heels is in there somewhere. He's still only 25. But that player simply isn't going to re-emerge in Charlotte.

In four years here, May played the equivalent of exactly one season -- 82 games. He missed 246 -- most due to injury, but a lot last season because Brown wouldn't put him in games.

Although Bobcats GM Rod Higgins also said Tuesday that the team remains open to re-signing May, if I were May, I'd get a long way from Charlotte (and if I were Higgins, I wouldn't do that, either). These two just aren't any good for each other.


Anonymous said...

Use this roster spot for Hansbrough!!! Go Heels!

Anonymous said...

Why? You want to replace one crappy tarheel for another. Hans will do nothing in the NBA.

MichaelProcton said...

May shouldn't even be given any slack for his "injuries." He's always simply been too fat for his joints to support his body weight and too lazy to do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

"Why? You want to replace one crappy tarheel for another. Hans will do nothing in the NBA."

You are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

no he is correct, but T will be a better pro than May but so is Adam Morrison, J.J. Redick, even McCants plays significant minutes in the leauge. Fat boy needs to get his butt in gear and out of NC.

Anonymous said...

Just clearing some space for Tyler -- excellent news!

MichaelProcton said...

Well, you have one part right...getting rid of May clears out A LOT of space.

Anonymous said...

IF this clears a spot for Hansbrough, at least you know he will work for it. May was lazy at UNC, is lazy in Charlotte and will be lazy anywhere else. May reminds me of Derrick Coleman without the talent or basketball IQ.