Thursday, June 25, 2009

Golden State picks Curry at No.7

NEW YORK -- Davidson point guard Stephen Curry was one pick away from what he wanted Thursday night at the NBA draft -- getting chosen No.8 by the New York Knicks.

Instead, he will go to California -- the No.7 pick of the Golden State Warriors.

Curry was the third point guard taken behind Spain's Ricky Rubio and Syracuse's Jonny Flynn.

The first point guard taken was Rubio, who went to Minnesota at No.5. Then the Timberwolves picked Jonny Flynn at No.6. That was weird -- two rookie point guards?! -- but no trade was announced and so maybe Minnesota will actually keep them both.

That left Golden State at No.7 the next possible landing place for Curry, or his favored Knicks at No.8. And the Warriors took him, drawing boos from the Knicks fans in the crowd who had wanted to see Curry play in New York.


SECDomination said...

Good Luck young man! I hope Henderson will be as good as you.

Anonymous said...

Well, apparently, Scott decided to quit his job immediately after Curry was drafted. Mark Sanford isn't the only person to go AWOL today, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Loved Curry until he started whining about going to NY. Loving that he got picked by another team... and I do hope he does succeed there... and not NY.