Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Writing Rodney Rogers

If you haven't read my exclusive interview with former Wake Forest basketball star Rodney Rogers -- who is now paralyzed from the shoulders down after a dirt-bike accident three months ago -- here's the link.

I began pursuing this interview in January, talking to some folks around Rodney. I thought his story could be told in an inspirational, straightforward way once he was ready to talk. At the time, though, there was a major complication -- Rodney's body had been so battered by his accident that he couldn't talk much (his ventilator also complicated things).

But Rodney has improved. He got out of ICU a month ago, and he got out of the hospital (Shepherd Center in Atlanta) on Monday. This was a huge step for him, and I congratulate him for it. Rodney and his fiancee Faye Suggs have moved back to a new house in the Raleigh-Durham area.

I owe a large debt to Rodney, his fiancee Faye Suggs, his good friend Robert Doggett and several people with good Wake Forest connections for helping me tell this story.

I am getting the question today about how to contact Rodney, and here's the address for anyone who would like to do so:

Rodney Rogers
c/o Wake Forest University
P.O. Box 6242
Winston-Salem, NC

Rodney really appreciates cards, letters and words of encouragement. There's a long road ahead for the ACC's 1993 Player of the Year, but as anyone who saw him play basketball knows, he's quite a battler.


gemini_5 said...

Rodnet, my prayers are with you and your family. I have always admired you as a player and as a person. GOD BLESS!

Daniel Walker said...

My prayers are with you, Rodney. Get well soon!

azar said...

Hi rodney: this is azar,you have done great things with your life,but this just the beginning of how God will fullfill you and turn your situation around for your good.Be encouraged and i am looking forward to seeing that come to pass. Many are called but few are chosen. And you are chosen, i knew that the first time i met you,big big heart, compassionate and a mighty warrior. God Bless you

stefanie cooper said...

Hi Rodney

I will be praying for you and your family and may God keep you in his tender care.

Bo said...

Hi Rodney,
My Blessing & Prayers goes out to you and your Family. This Is comedian Bo P I met you thru Hollywood Robinson and I remember that same smile that I saw then and I was encouraged to see that your mind and spirit was still as strong as your body once was and will be again. I want to be there on the day when you say to your family and friends "Hey yall I got something to tell you... and you lift up out of that chair and Hug everyone. God Bless.

Janne said...

Hey Rodney,
I hope you are well. I am a C5/6 quad and recently saw the special about you on TV, truly inspiring. I am also founder of a non-profit for people with disabilities called NextStep Fitness, I would be very interested in discussing ways to work together to better the lives of people with disabilities. If interested, please feel free to contact me at Best wishes and stay strong.

Niatwin said...

Hey Rodney it is Tammie from Omaha Nebraska. (To jog your memeory) We met through our mutual friend Dave C. in Phoenix a few years ago while I was there on vacation. I tried to contact Dave to see how I could check on you after I heard about the accident but he didnt have any info to give me on your progress. I havent seen/talked to you in quiet a while but I wanted to write to you and say hello and let you know that I am praying for you and to tell you that I know things will get better for you and your family. Continue to push on and God will bless you. Take care my long lost encouraged.

Anonymous said...

I am the mother of a 13 yr old girl who was injured in a car accident a little over 2 yrs ago, she was just 11. She's a paraplegic, for now, but she, as we all are, have much hope for the future cure & treatment of spinal cord injuries. Stay strong & positive. IT will happen, & you're are going to be right there when it does. Prayers to you & your family.

jay said...

Hi Rodney,

I'm a basketball fan based in The Netherlands. I followed the NBA during your whole career. You always seemed like a solid, strong pro and was one of the players liked to watch. I wish you strength in this, no doubt your biggest challenge yet. Please don't give up hope. I wish you patience because you might not get what you want immediately. Calm your mind. I wish you Faith. If you believe in god, or destiny, or purpose, then you know that something has to come out of all this. My wish to you is that you'll find out what that is. And my last wish is that you know there is someone, somewhere on the other side of the world, wishing you the best and following you progress. I expect great things from you.

God Bless


Anonymous said...

I am praying for you and your family Rodney. I grew up watching ACC basketball and liked your team WFU and you man. I will pray for you man, and want to encourage you. I will write you a letter to Wake Forest. I mean this sincerely Rodney. May Jesus be with you and I pray you will heal brother.

Anonymous said...

wuss-up tee-taut this is earl man nick told me what happen too you. i live in va beach so i get news from durham all late. I had to go to the net to see if it was true.. So im praying for you and and your family. Stay strong black man. i really don't want to post this i would like to tell you in person next time when i get to durham i hope i can hunt you down. The boys from the Mac still in you cornner Rodeny.. Tack care

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Gary Ricketts said...

Hey Rodney--or as I would voice in my native dialect, "weh-u-a-seh-sah." Of course you don't know me, nor do I kwow you. Nevertheless, my name is Gary Ricketts, whose story I believe will offer you some encouragement. Google "Gary Ricketts Roanoke Times."