Sunday, March 8, 2009

7 FTs in 1 second for Davidson

I am in Tennessee, covering Davidson in the Southern Conference tournament, and saw something in the Wildcats' quarterfinal 84-68 win over App State Saturday I've never seen in a basketball game before.

Davidson shot 7 free throws in one second of game time.

Not a huge deal, but a strange one. This was late in the first half, against Appalachian State. Davidson's Bryant Barr was fouled on a shot with 12 seconds to go. He missed the first shot (FT 1). He got to shoot it over because of a lane violation -- and missed (FT 2). He shot his second official free throw and missed (FT 3).

But Davidson's Andrew Lovedale hustled for the rebound and was fouled while doing so. This incensed App coach Houston Fancher. He got a technical for protesting. That brought in Stephen Curry to make the 2 FTs for the technical (FTs 4 and 5).

Then Lovedale got to shoot two because he got fouled (FTs 6 and 7). He made one.

All of this, and the game clock only moved by a second. It was like watching a free-throw drill at a basketball practice.

One other note: Davidson coach Bob McKillop got his first technical of the season in this game for protesting some calls in the first half.

Davidson plays College of Charleston tonight in what should be a very good semifinal. The teams split in the regular season. When they played at Davidson a month ago and Charleston won, I thought Charleston was more athletic in 4 out of 5 positions on the court (the only exception being Curry).

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Stuart said...

What a stupid post. Should be FTA's and not FT's, because FT's implies that they made them.