Tuesday, November 11, 2014

8 numbers Panther fans do not want to know

Unless you have some morbid curiosity, you probably do not want to know these eight numbers in the wake of Carolina's 45-21 loss to Philadelphia Monday night.

.006 -- If Carolina had won Monday night, this would have been the Panthers' percentage-point lead over New Orleans (4-5). Yes, as badly as the Panthers have played for a month, one win would have put them back in first place in the NFC South. Instead, at 3-6-1 after this embarrassment, they are barely hanging onto second and will go to third if they lose to Atlanta at home Sunday.

0 -- Number of recovered fumbles plus the number of interceptions for Panther linebacker Luke Kuechly this season (shown above, in the distance on Darren Sproles' first TD).

1-6-1 -- Panthers' record in the last eight games after a 2-0 start.

5 -- Panther turnovers, including two in the first three plays. Cam Newton had four of them -- a lost fumble and three interceptions (one was a pick-six). The Eagles had zero turnovers.

9 -- Sacks of Cam Newton, which tied the most sacks allowed in Carolina history. Frank Reich, who was a whole lot more immobile than Newton, was sacked nine times in the first game in franchise history in 1995 (but that one went into overtime).

10 -- In 24 carries by the "Double Trouble" tandem of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, that was the longest gain. The two combined for a paltry 2.8 rushing average.

10-for-20 -- This was the Panthers' third-down efficiency on offense, good for a very respectable 50 percent. It speaks to the fact that the Eagles defense can be had -- by a better team.

332 -- Yards passed for by Philadelphia backup quarterback Mark Sanchez, who was helped by the fact he was only sacked once and often had receivers running 5-10 yards free.


Richard Jordan said...

What has Gettleman and Rivera done to our team? Less than a year ago we were 12-4

Anonymous said...

50% .... the discount off face value the scalpers will be giving for Sunday's Atlanta game.

Anonymous said...

I keep laughing at all the fans who thought that this was the year that the Panthers would have back-to-back winning seasons. Ha, Ha, Ha!

Anonymous said...


birds eating cats

that aint right

bizarro world

newton gotta go

now !!!

Anonymous said...

I knew this game was over after the fumble by Williams and the first interception by Cam. Unfortunately, we are not a come from behind team. We just don't have the weapons to overcome a 10 point lead. I didn't make it to half-time. I knew it was time to turn out the lights. The party was over. I went to bed. I knew it was heading in the direction of a BEAR-like beatdown.

Anonymous said...

I think it is ridiculous to point out that Luke has zero INTs or fumble recoveries when he is leading the ENTIRE NFL in tackles. If every player on the team was doing their job as well as #59 the Panthers would be on their way to the Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Richerson wants a passive finesse locker room, well guess what? He Got It! It shows on the field. let me guess it is never Cams fault, but everybody else. Cam is playing his best, he is what he is. This organization do not deserve this. time to go Cam good bye!

Anonymous said...

Sundays game with Atlanta will be a battle of the losers.

Anonymous said...


Raptor said...

Yet another miserable, wasted season... I'd rather endure a colonoscopy without sedation than watch this miserable excuse of an NFL team play one more down of "professional football".

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Panthers? They are just a For-Profit business sucking money out of gullible people and Charlotte taxpayers.

They can be bad and make a nice profit, or they can be good and make less profit.

As long as Cam merchandises better than the alternatives, he will play.

Anonymous said...


ZB said...

How about we actually start offering some constructive advice on how we are going to rebuild this team. There are two things Panther fans have to come to terms with. First, we aren't making the playoffs. Even if we did, as a byproduct of a weak second half schedule, it would be another embarrassment as we simply don't have the firepower to compete with the upper echelon teams. Secondly, the GM is desperately trying to fix the cap situation while still fielding a competitive team. Sure, everyone is upset and frustrated with this team, but if the sports "writers" at the Observer wanted to actually do some homework, maybe they could actually do a breakout of how bad the cap situation is, but how much it's improved. If you want just a sampling of how bad it is, do any of you think DeAngelo Williams is earning his $6 mil this season? Or how about Jonathan Stewart's $4.5 mil (negotiated cut) when he is due $8.3 mil (2015), $9.5 mil (2016) and $8.25 mil (2017)??? --source = sportrac.com -- Does ANYONE think these guys are earning these paydays??? If anything we should be demanding that JStew take a paycut to help the team since he is straight up STEALING from the organization at this point. He is a health risk that is not panning out. He should be booed by the fans until he is putting up numbers that equal that contract or he takes a cut. Those are PRO BOWL player caliber salaries. It's debateable whether or not he's even our best back even when healthy. You can use the excuse that he's running behind one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL, but I'd only retort with, when you are taking up as much of the salary cap as you are, how can you expect to have a better offensive line? Or how about the preceding 3 years when we DID have a good line? Oh, that's right, he was hurt. DWill should thank him personally because I think this will be his last season with the Panthers. Everyone is going to whine just like we did when the GM cut Steve Smith, but the reality is, Hurney had too much loyalty to players that were slightly above average that had high upside. In this league, you get paid when you produce...consistently! But as a sidenote to the GM, you've got a lot of work this offseason!!!

Anonymous said...

It is obvious from the look on Cam's face and his demeanor on the field that he is still hurt and unable to compete full speed and win games, despite wanting to be out there. He does not have the patience to stay in the pocket and make passes and his weak o-line makes that even worse. And his scrambling ability has dimnished due to his injuries. If he keeps running the way he has, he's going to get seriously injured. We are not making the playoffs, so we might as well just start Anderson, get Cam healthy and hope for the best. This martyr stuff does not win games in the NFL. Simplify the offense for Anderson and target Olsen as much as possible. It cannot be worse than the last three games.