Monday, June 23, 2014

Benjamin wants to win Super Bowl his rookie season

Kelvin Benjamin certainly has not backed down from anyone or any expectation so far for Carolina.

When asked last week after a Panther practice what his expectations were for this season, Benjamin said simply: "Win the Super Bowl. Add on to my national championship ring."

Benjamin, the Panthers' No.1 draft pick in May, won a national championship in college last season with Florida State. At 6-5, 240, he is supposed to give Cam Newton the big target that he has been lacking and has been impressive so far in practice.

A couple of the leaping grabs Benjamin has made in workouts have caused everyone on the practice field to take notice, although he remains a work in progress as a route runner. Even if Benjamin doesn't start in the regular-season opener, however, it is a sure thing he will come in for red-zone situations and try to take advantage of his height and athleticism on fade routes.

Newton has smartly started making a concerted attempt to bond with Benjamin. He took Benjamin to Georgia over the Memorial Day weekend, where they hung out on a boat, went swimming, played video games and ate to their heart's content.

Benjamin was appreciative. "I want to get around an older guy who's been here in the limelight," he said of his new quarterback. "He's trying to teach me things."

The Panthers -- who won 12 games and the NFC South title last season -- don't start training camp until late July in Spartanburg. By then, Newton should be fully healthy from his offseason ankle surgery. How Benjamin fares when the Panthers put the pads on -- and how quickly he and Newton gel on the field -- will be one of camp's key storylines. Benjamin has got to play well quickly for this team to come anywhere near accomplishing that Super Bowl goal.

When asked if that goal was really possible, Benjamin laughed and said: "What? It's a football team, right? So it's possible."


Gon Freecss said...

Maybe it's my love for the Panthers that has me feeling this way, but I really feel there is something special about this player. All last season I said "If we had a tall WR that was good, we would be something great on offense". Watching him on film, there is some awe-inspiring talent just underneath the surface. He may just be one of the missing peices to a superbowl.

Anonymous said...

Remember the championship game he came down with the winning TD. I think we may have our #1 WR.

Charlottean said...

everybody would feel a whole lot better about benjamin if he had smith to occupy the other side. and if dwayne jarrett didn't look the same when he was drafted.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see this guy have a breakout rookie season. Just imagine how much a consistent pass receiver could open up our running game!

Anonymous said...

He's simply the real deal. I am excited to hear him say words like Super Bowl...he HAS to say those words, though. I'm almost glad Steve Smith is not a part of this scenario anymore. Don't give me excuses...he simply hasn't been productive in the past few years. You want to talk about Super Bowl...we need productivity. Kelvin can bring that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah another big headed player. He will fit right in with Cam Newton.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how troll Redskins or Cowboys fans comment here:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah another big headed player. He will fit right in with Cam Newton.

June 23, 2014 at 4:10 PM

Anonymous said...

Newt's throws are strong and high so Benjamin should fit right in his style. Steve Smith is 8" shorter although he can jump but still quite difficult to catch Newt's ball (obvious in last season). If they can work out the timing, it will be a great duo for Panthers. Looking forward to see they perform on the field this season.