Monday, March 3, 2014

Next up for Bobcats: Playoff preview?

The Charlotte Bobcats are halfway through the worst four-game scheduling stretch in their history, and not surprisingly they are 0-2.

Next up: possible playoff series previews. If the Bobcats (27-32) finish seventh or eighth in the Eastern Conference, they will face Miami or Indiana in the first round. Charlotte would currently be seeded seventh (here are the NBA standings). The Bobcats play at Miami Monday night and at home vs. Indiana on Wednesday.

While the Bobcats talked tough before playing the top four teams in the NBA in a row -- Kemba Walker said the team's goal was to go 4-0 -- reality has intruded. They have been in games at San Antonio Friday and at Oklahoma City Sunday into the fourth quarter, but have ended up losing both by double digits.

Splitting these next two with Miami and Indiana would be nice for Charlotte, as the team could at least avoid 0-4. Regardless, Friday night's home game against Cleveland (trying to get into the playoffs, along with Detroit) will have some playoff implications as well.

In other news, I'm glad the Bobcats finally cut the cord with Ben Gordon, whom Steve Clifford obviously didn't like as a player and who didn't make any sense to keep any longer.

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