Saturday, January 18, 2014

My picks: Denver, Seattle to advance to Super Bowl

OK, let's get this out of the way.

I have been terrible so far in 2014 on NFL picks. Shaquille O'Neal at the free throw line would have a much better chance than me at making one. I am shooting 20 percent so far.

My 2013 NFL season was a good one. I believed in the Panthers long before most did, picking them before the season began to finish 10-6 and make the playoffs. They ended up 12-4. In individual Panther games, which I picked each week, I ended up 12-4 as well (no, I didn't pick Carolina to win every time, that's just how it worked out).

But 2014 has been awful, and I hope no one has bet any money and gone down in flames with me. I am 1-for-5 so far, missing 3 out of 4 in the wild-card week and then incorrectly picking the Panthers to upset San Francisco last week (I didn't make a prediction on the other 3 for some reason).

So take these picks at your own risk, but I believe Denver and Seattle will both justify their No.1 seeds and win at home Sunday to advance to the Super Bowl.

Denver, to me, is just a little more complete team than New England, which has been ravaged by injury but still gotten this far in one of Bill Belichick's best coaching jobs. There will be a ton of scoring in this one, but I'm going with Peyton Manning over Tom Brady and picking: Denver 38, New England 34.

In the NFC game, defense will be much more prevalent. On a neutral field, I think I would pick the 49ers -- they are playing extremely well and certainly have a shot at going all the way. But the Seahawks in Seattle are a different breed -- tougher, more confident... just plain better. First read this great and funny Rick Reilly piece about Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll and their feud, and then give me Seattle, 20-17.

Of course, given my track record in 2014 so far, that probably means we will see a New England-San Francisco Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...

49ers all the way!!!! Better and more receivers, Better tight end , just as good running back, Harbaugh will stack the box and take away Lynch and at the same time limit wilson from scrambling while doing so,
Without Harvin to strech the field I look for a 49er blowout. my pick SF 31 Seattle 14

Anonymous said...

If there`s a game that`s over hyped this weekend its got to be the hawks and 49ers,I`m no defensive coordinator but with the 49ers as hot AS they are and hungry to get back to the super bowl after last year I give them the edge,Formula to beat Seattle put 8 in the box to take Lynch away and at the same time you contain over ...Seattle does not even come close to matching up with the 49ers fire power on offense with the line...running back and those 3 not 1..not 2..but 3 studs at receiving.

par said...

Was the officiating for the Panthers/49ers and Seahawks/49ers just horrible.