Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miami (Not) Nice: Panthers have never beaten Dolphins

This is a little weird. The only NFL team the Panthers have never beaten in the regular season is their next opponent -- Miami.

The Dolphins and Panthers have only played each other four times, and in each case the Panthers have managed to mess it up. They've lost to Miami when Carolina was good (the 2005 playoff season) and when Carolina was bad (the 1-15 2001 season). They've lost to Miami when Dan Marino was the quarterback and Jay Fiedler was the quarterback (and he threw for more yards than Marino).

They lost a game once when Steve Smith had one of the best games of his career -- three touchdowns and 170 receving yards. They allowed the forgettable Oronde Gadsden to burn them for 102 receiving yards.

In other words, history says not to take these Dolphins (5-5) lightly. The Panthers (7-3) just got the two biggest victories of Ron Rivera's tenure in an eight-day span -- the winning touchdown was scored by former Dolphin Ted Ginn Jr. (above) against New England. But Carolina would give back some of that hard-earned ground if they lost.

The four-game series:

1998: Dolphins 13, Panthers 9.

2001: Dolphins 23, Panthers 6.

2005: Dolphins 27, Panthers 24.

2009: Dolphins 24, Panthers 17.


joe said...

Time to move on to Miami,Here`s a interesting statistic I`m here`in from the Miami crowd the Dolphins always
beat the Panthers, In the 5 meetings they`ve played Miami has owned the Panthers in every outing. Ron you have
a chance here to do something no other Carolina Panther coach has ever done,Rally the troops and coaching staff
for yet another huge game and win this to add it to your accomplishments as coach of the Panthers. Jerry has taken notice of your accomplishments to date I GAURANTEED!!!!!!!!! Don`t Lift now Hammer Down....This feeling is to good KEEP POUNDING!!!!

joe said...

Correction they`ve played 4 times, My Bad..

Anonymous said...

Panthers better not sleep on the Dolphins or the Bucs after them. They are mediocre teams, but they have shown they're better than their records. Miami is still in the playoff running in the AFC and is motivated. The Bucs have been playing better and have talent- esp on defense. On paper, Panthers should win both games. But hope they go back to "domination mode" (when they played all those bad teams) and take care of business.

Steven said...

Cats loves fish!

Troy Adams said...

We have a different frame of mind...More focused...I think we will go in play hard and keep are eyes on the prize.