Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What a weird sports weekend it was

If you checked out of the local sports world for the Memorial Day weekend, welcome back. You missed a couple of major surprises.

First off, the Charlotte Bobcats have hired a new coach (although the team has yet to officially confirm this). L.A. Lakers assistant Steve Clifford has never been a head coach at the NBA level, but he was one of the hot assistant names this offseason and comes highly recommended by both Van Gundys. Here's my column on Clifford, who is a brave man for taking a post that has been rife with job insecurity. He is the Bobcats' sixth head coach, and they have only been in existence since 2004.

Secondly, the 54th edition of the Coca-Cola 600 was one of the weirdest in history, thanks mostly to a wayward Fox Sports camera cable that injured 10 fans, delayed the race for 27 minutes and damaged several racecars. Here's the latest news story on what happened at the race as well as my column looking back at the bizarreness that was Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

abnormal is normal around here

Tony said...

This is cool!