Friday, April 5, 2013

4 Panther thoughts and 1 fond goodbye

A few Panther thoughts on a Friday while I'm in Atlanta, getting ready to cover the Final Four:

-- The Panthers' exhibition schedule is out, and the best news on it is that the team will play the most important preseason game (the third one) at Baltimore on national TV on Aug.22nd. If that was the fourth game, it would be meaningless, but NFL teams traditionally play their starters for a half or three quarters in game 3 -- it will be a natural motivator for Carolina to face the defending Super Bowl champs in that one. Carolina opens the preseason at home against Chicago on Aug.9th.

-- Signing former N.Y. Giants wide receiver Domenik Hixon to a relatively cheap deal is another of those below-the-radar moves that new GM Dave Gettleman should be commended for so far. I like Hixon's potential better than Louis Murphy's (the No.3 receiver from 2012, who now has signed with tthe Giants) and figure he will win the job over the other candidates.

-- Cam Newton isn't in the race for the next cover of the Madden video series, after finishing a close second last year to Detroit wide receiver Calvin Johnson. I'm sure Newton isn't real happy about this -- he wanted to win so badly against Johnson last year he made a funny homemade video and put it on YouTube -- but I think it's absolutely fine.

-- Kudos to former Panther fullback Brad Hoover, who has decided to try his hand as a high school football coach at Monroe's Union Academy. Hoover will be a good one -- he's earnest, smart and will undoubtedly put in the long hours necessary in that job. I can just see the crowd after his first win at the 1A charter school as the "Hooov" chant goes up and fathers explain to their kids: "They're not saying boo, they're saying Hoov."

-- Lastly today, I bid a fond goodbye to film critic Roger Ebert -- a wonderfully gifted writer who died at age 70 on Thursday. If you're not familiar with his work, check out his website and you will see what I mean. Some know him only for the succinct "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" he made popular on TV with fellow critic Gene Siskel, but he was a deep and engaging writer who delved into all sorts of topics. I remain a huge fan of his work.


Anonymous said...

- why do you think the Panthers being on the road for the one and only preseason game worth going to is a good thing? think about the fans here Scott. preseason games are a total ripoff, and we get the two worst ones where the starters don't play hardly at all. i guess when you get to go for free these things aren't considerations.

-why post a link through the words "relatively cheap deal" re: Hixon to an article that provides absolutely no info on the contract or how cheap it is? i don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Everybody not really big/excited on the signing of Hixon. Good article don't have a link-- look up (Mr. Consistency Domenic Hixon).

I think this will make all the doubters feel different about how much better we can be with a Solid guy like Hixon, compared to Murphy!

Jason Turpin said...

You have a pretty sweet gig. Write 1-2 short columns a week and every now and then a detailed one about your topic of choice. Unless it is panther season you could do your job from Costa Rica.

Scott Fowler said...

Jason, That's a great idea -- what's the wi-fi service like in most Costa Rica rainforests? Do you need a password for that?
I do get this question from time to time in terms of output so will answer it here. I generally write 3-4 columns per week for the newspaper and a similar number of blog entries. In terms of it being a "sweet gig," I totally agree -- I am fortunate to be one of those guys who loves my job.

Greg CATMAN Good said...

Scott; We still don't have an answer on if its true that Jerry Richardson really said that his estate is directed to sell the team 2 years after his death. Or do a story on the whereabouts of his two sons, Mark & Jon. Will Mark run the team for those 2 years or will Morrison run the team for the 2 years? Is there a stipulation that the buyer keeps the team here for "x" number of years. Will the team keep the name "Panthers" if they move? What happens to our PSL's when they move the team? Do have some level of say-so in future venue's since we helped build the structure? Can you help the fans with a report on these answers? They are still selling PSL's with Lifetime Ownerships on the website! What is Up, what's going down?

pantherlife said...

Scott if you ever decide to take your gig on the road to Costa Rica I have 10 years of experience as a assistant I need a break from charlotte I will work for free ;)