Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Did you see that low blow Carmelo Anthony took?

A few notes from the Olympics:

LONDON -- Did you see that low blow that Carmelo Anthony took in the Argentina game? If those two teams play again – and they could Friday – it will be well-remembered. Anthony made a three-pointer while taking a cheap shot to the groin from Argentinian Facundo Campazzo.

Assuming the U.S. beats Australia in its men’s basketball quarterfinal Wednesday – and it shouldn’t be close – it will play the Brazil-Argentina winner. In which case Campazzo better watch out.

I have watched Brazil for a few quarters during this tournament, though, and believe Brazil will actually end up being the U.S. semifinal opponent Friday. I think the Brazilians are the second-best team in the tournament behind the Americans.

-- Johnson C. Smith University alum Shermaine Williams barely missed out on qualifying for the finals of the women's 100-meter hurdles. In her heat, in which the top two were guaranteed spots in the final, she lost a photo finish for second and finished third in her semifinal heat with a time of 12.83 seconds. Officially, she was 12th overall.

Williams, who competed for Jamaica, said she lost time by clipping a hurdle. “It was still an honor to represent my country,” she said.

-- Did you know betting on the Olympics – and other sporting events -- is legal in London? I walk past a couple of betting parlors on my way to work every day, and they lay odds on everything from basketball to beach volleyball.

-- The U.S. swimmers, women’s gymnasts and women’s beach volleyball players have all had superb Olympics. The U.S. boxers, wrestlers and whitewater canoe and kayaking teams have not.

American track and field right now is somewhere in the middle – that is the sport U.S. officials are counting on to lead a surge past China in the final medal count. But it hasn’t happened yet.


Anonymous said...

I actually want to see a rematch with ARG and Campazzo. ARG coaches would be smart not to play Campazzo in the semifinals. You can bet the USA team will go after Campazzo the entire game, making him look like a fool for that cheap-shot.

Bring on the Argentinians...I want to see a beat down and another 83 point blowout!

Anonymous said...

Give it today Scott. Beach Volleyball will give US 2 medals...and the women's 200m might give 2 also. So there's a very good chance the US will be tied or just behind China in medals.

Anonymous said...

Chris Paul delivered a low blow of his own. Seems he hasn't changed his habits from his college days.