Thursday, July 26, 2012

On USA's swimming viral video, Steve Smith's great gesture and the swimmer LeBron wants to have dinner with

Three quick thoughts as the clock nears midnight in London:

1) The USA Olympic swimmers had a cool idea to deal with some of their downtime -- they made a spoof of "Call Me Maybe." This one has a lot of potential to go viral, given the play NBC will undoubtedly give it. Plus, it's just well done, and for the screaming teenage types, it's got heartthrobs from both genders.

Be on the lookout in one of the scenes for Charlotte's Ricky Berens and Rebecca Soni, a longtime couple. They are about to kiss when broken up by another swimmer.

2) What a gesture by Steve Smith to pledge $100,000 to the survivors of the Aurora, Colo., shooting. If you've been around Smith for any length of time, you know he has a huge heart. He showed it again with this. Lots of athletes go serve turkeys for a day on Thanksgiving or whatever? But $100K?! And Smith has no connection with the victim or the Colorado area, either.

3) One last thing: Olympic swimmer and UVa (and Greenville, NC) product Lauren Perdue certainly is enjoying her first Olympics. She tweeted out Thursday night that LeBron James had asked her to dinner after the men's basketball team visited with the swimmers for awhile in the Olympic Village.


Anonymous said...

Whatever. Many see the 100,000 by SS as just another one of his media gimmicks on tv, internet, radio, print etc flooding it 24/7 nonstop viral.

If you were really serious you would donate anonymous instead of blowing it up so big in the media. Way overblown.

Aurora is an elite mostly white wealthy elite suburb outside of Denver with plenty of insurance and all victims will sue the owner of the theater for millions each for lack of security from the liberal clown idiot.

And Newton who made 20 million in 2011 or 34 million CJ didnt offer to give?

Anonymous said...

When someone donates $100,000, they have the right to mention it. I don't see the point in ripping them for it. Would you prefer they did nothing?

And- what did you do to help?

John said...

Well first the guy is not a liberal. Apparently he is a self identified conservative. Of course that just so much crap either way that doesn't really matter. This wasn't a political act. Second suits against the theater are nuisance suits. They can't be won someone will get a few grand to go away. Third it's everybody's choice to give or not. No matter how much they make.

Anonymous said...

Agree. All victims and their survivors stand to make millions on Colorado strict liability laws. Lawyers will have a field day.