Monday, May 23, 2011

On Lance, LeBron, Cam and Djokovic

A few sports-related thoughts on a hot Monday:

-- The implosion of cycling as a sport makes me sad more than anything else. Tyler Hamilton's revelations on Sunday's "60 minutes" show -- basically Hamilton became the latest former teammate to try and out 7-time Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong as a doper -- sound almost too detailed not to be true.
Armstrong, as usual, has launched an impassioned defense of his now-checkered reputation. He's been drug-tested for years -- more than 500 times, according to him -- and never has one come back positive.
Yet what Hamilton says is very hard to dismiss, because I really don't get what he has to gain by offering such "proof" if it's not true. Not quite sure who to believe in this one, but cycling as a sport is just so difficult to imagine as a clean sport that I feel sorry for the cyclists who do it right.

-- Peter King has an interesting note about halfway through his "Monday Morning Quarterback" column on Cam Newton and the tutoring he's been undergoing from Ken Dorsey, the former Miami Hurricane QB who has worked under the Panthers' new offensive coordinator and is now tutoring Newton some in Florida (with a copy of the Panthers playbook available if needed). Read it here.

-- LeBron James and company look like they have a little too much for Chicago, in my opinion. With Chris Bosh having come alive in this series, that Dallas-Miami NBA finals doesn't seem too far away now to me.

-- I enjoyed my friend Scott Price's story in Sports Illustrated on Novak Djokovic, the startlingly good tennis player from Serbia who has gone 38-0 so far this season while (at least temporarily) surpassing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Well worth your time. Djokovic truly is, as the SI story proclaims, currently the most dominant athlete in the world right now.


Anonymous said...

When you are facing a grand jury your recollection tends to improve. These guys lied FOR Lance for years but will not lie AND go to jail for him now. Marion Jones also passed 500 tests. Contador failed a test and yet he still rides....You simply cannot win at the highest level without this advantage. One day Lance will fess up.

Anonymous said...

The media is desperate for Cam Newton to succeed.

Too bad Panthers will be the worst team again and will be drafting Andrew Luck.

Then things will be as they should.

sf in sf said...

Djokovic's rise is directly connected to changes in his diet. Since cutting out wheat gluten after discovering he had an allergy, Djokovic's mental and physical game has blossomed.

I was diagnosed with Celiac's at age 31 and my life has completely turned around. I have new energy and no longer suffer from depression. If anyone reading this gets frequent upset stomach or have a family member who does, I encourage you to try a week without wheat gluten to see if the conditions improve. In the US alone it is estimated that 4 million people suffer from undiagnosed Celiac's. You or your child could be one.

J said...

I agree - it's going to be Miami-Dallas, and I won't watch a single second. I cannot possibly get any more sick of Miami, and I don't want to watch an ex-Bobcat potentially win a ring the first season after we drop him. I'm not at all thrilled that he couldn't stay on the court more than 3 quarters in a row without getting hurt here, then he goes to Dallas and magically never gets hurt.

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